Wednesday Sep 18th, 2019


Flip" But Don't "Flop" With a volatile stock market and some real estate prices on the way down, you might be tempted to try “flipping” properties. If so, here are a few ideas.                                                          ... [read more]

Sharon My Realtor Won't Listen

Friday Jun 15th, 2018


My Realtor Won’t Listen to Me!    “Sharon, I know my home inside and out. I know all the good features; the potential here is amazing; I also have some great photos – much better than those used for my listing. Also, when the house is being shown, the buyers are not given the proper data. They don’t know half of the information I’ve provided. Why won’t my listing agent pay attention to me?” Why indeed? There are really some great... [read more]

Is the Real Estate Party Over?

Wednesday Apr 4th, 2018


As Toronto Real Estate Goes, So Goes Shelburne Real Estate   “The Party Really is Over in Toronto Housing Market” (Huff Post) “Toronto Housing Market Hits Deep Freeze as New Rules Bite” (Bloomberg) “Real Estate Board Predicts Flat Prices and Sales This Year” (Toronto Star) Just Because It’s Happening in Toronto Does that Mean Shelburne and Area Too? We are not an island. If GTA property sales are decreasing in value or number... [read more]

Be A Smart Tenant or Landlord

Tuesday Mar 27th, 2018


As real estate prices have risen in the area, affordability has lessened for many. As a result, more and more people are turning to rentals. In our area there has been a number of investors who have purchased homes solely as rentals.  Many are newer homes, but with, unfortunately, high rents. Renting comes with its own rules and regulations, which are often difficult to understand. Many do not understand the process and misunderstand what is permissible or the responsibilities of the... [read more]



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